Saturday 20 November 2010

This technology is fantastical and yet already out of date.

As an opening blog, and demonstration of my sheer technical prowess, I'm writing this from a tablet device.

Okay, so a little more 2010 and a little less 2001 (the book, rather than the year), but astounding nonetheless. It wasn't even ten years ago, there were folks building prop Star Trek handheld devices, only to now be able to buy devices more advanced than the imagined device (albeit minus the arrays of medical and particle sensors) over the counter from a socially challenged teenager in a supermarket.

Anyway, back to the objective of the blog; my intention is to discuss and document things I make, break and hopefully innovate. In parallel to my creative blog, Shot by McCoy, this blog is about design, ideas and technology.

So, expect Tony Stark inspired robotics, electronic hackery and engineering triumphs.


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