Sunday 28 October 2012

Winter, the Project Motivator

Now that winter is slowly and cruelly creeping upon us, my lackadaisical project efforts have started to give way to a bit of focus. Over the next few weeks, there should hopefully be some big progress (and write-ups) on my projects, that include:

- RC Platform (aka UAV/Rover)
- RC Hovercraft Rebuild
- RC Boat Rebuild (set back slightly due to new hull damage)
- 28mm Model Building/Painting
- 4mm Plastic & Card Models (1/76th aka OO)
- Train Control System (LCB)
- Train Control Panel (DCC/Traction)
- 4mm Layout (1/76th aka OO)

Plus a big sprinkling of vac-forming, CAD work, panel building, Arduino hackery and lots more fun stuff. Oh and I'll also be lusting after 3D printers and CNC laser cutters. And robots.

Stay tuned.

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