Thursday 24 May 2012

First Vacuum Form

Well then, after a complete strip-down and check over of the new vacuum former, I clamped down, heated up, vacuumed and released.

Rather than waste a tonne of new sheet, I reused the first sheet - trying to figure out the heat settings, the timings and the vacuum capacity. I did get distracted at the end by a delivery and slightly burnt the sheet - though it did form better. The sheet was getting a bit fried anyway, so no loss. Gave it a nice texture!

I've got a lot of research into plastics and to figure out the timings with this former, but it's looking to be great fun already. I forgot how badly things start to smell and the strange plastic tastes you get in the mouth when vac forming... Ahhh, how we do like plastic.

Any suggestions for things I can make? I've got too many ideas, so I'm hoping to narrow them down with some horrific suggestions from others. A T-Rex easter egg mould is currently in lead!

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