Monday 10 October 2011


In a packed weekend, I got to see lots and lots of Barbary Macaques up-close in a forest... Oh and I got to drive two trains.

Oh yes.

Not only did I get to drive a class 03 diesel shunter (03703), but I got to drive a class 73 electro-diesel locomotive tractor unit (73006) too... Both were in their BR colours; a wonderful combination of BR Blue and yellow (with the body in the distinctive BR greyish-blue and the cabs in the normal yellow).

Class 73 Electro-Diesel (73006)

I'm not sure which I loved the most, driving a 600hp generator on rails (the 73) or the 200hp farm tractor on rails (the 03). Both are so different, but both fantastic to drive; the former is what you'd expect from a train - ammeters, voltage regulators and a wide range of mode selectors, and the latter is a simple combination of air-selected gear changing and a throttle.

Class 03 Diesel (03073)

A short post, but I'm in the middle of getting the Arduino code right for the twin-thruster controls... Oh, and I've got plans for a few of new projects, including an OO (1:76) track inspection carriage (a real one, that'll use image analysis software) and a DCC control panel that mimics a real set of cab controls.

Lots of pictures to follow...

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